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hype went inception on us !


This is off my “Infinite Refinement” LP.

Jesus made me do it!

Its like I wanna spit something written
But keep forgetting
5000 hours, rewritting Power
Over and over
some nights sober some nights gone off the henny as usual
So unusual to be in this position
Everything I say everybody tryna diss em
Everybody playin him, truth be told
the last nigga ever let the truth be told
And oh Mos Def ran to my home
And said they gon have yo ass gone
Light jokes, you keep playin with them white folks

Cant even take a piss
They gon’ test your urine
“Cut all the sponsership for the touring!”
“Where the Dark Fantasy tour at Ye?”
I dont know ask, ask Hennesy (thats Coca-Cola)
Say ‘he aint clean enough’
but rappers aint mean enough?
Enough lashes like I aint seen enough
For real, this is like the Neo-Emmitt Till
Whistling- Get yo fucking ass killed
Lets keep this shit real!

Everybody feel this

And everyday of my life, people try to tell me that i hate the whites
Cuz i said wats right
I go sleep and deal wit it every night
And wake up erry mornin
and walk to the liquor store or coffee store shop on the Mersa wats worser?
Its no verse that would reverse the-
In print or in cursive
they curse the name, or maybe call me Kane
Lets have a ‘toast to the douche bags’
Then people wanna talk about me on blogs because i like clothes like look at this fag

Thats what I have to deal wit real shit
Yall dont even understand, what it take to be a real man
A black man interested in art speaking from the heart and playin my part
All this illuminati talk, like my first hit single wasnt ‘Jesus Walks’

these aint rhymes these is mutha fucking tears
They playin wit niggas careers
Felt like I’m the only real nigga here
From my last breath
They kicked me out the awards and my nigga Diddy left………….

This is nice point blank Period!Headbanger!

The kid Wiz Khalifa’s newest clip rolls up. Starring the lovely Cassie, Wiz’s second single. Rolling Papers in stores March 29th.